Master's Message March 2015


Winter is upon us. The cold weather and snow reminds us of the four seasons.  Remember to drive safely or like the Junior Warden, take the subway.  Thank you to the brethren that had their work ready for the first degree last meeting.  On Saturday February 14th the Junior Warden and I attended East Toronto Temple for mechanics of the work.  February 17th the past masters met and had a very fruitful meeting.   Many good ideas were presented and discussed to strengthen our lodge. 

On February 24th  the Junior Wardens of the district are invited to join a meeting with the Senior Wardens to set up their Senior Warden group for 2015-2016.

Please read the summons insert offering sentiments from an active past master.  Remember, what you gain out of Masonry is based on what you contribute as well.  We've miss the brethren who have not been able to attend lodge in recent months, please join us at our March meeting so that we can find out what's keeping you busy.


W.Bro. Alex Wilson, Worshipful Master