Master's Message January 2017

What happened?  It's already February.  I'll share one item here before I tackle my February Message.    We've (Bryan, Alex and myself) been chasing those elusive Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario coins.  Last night at Alpha-Tuscan Official visit I saw that the D.D.G.M. received a second batch of coins.  Brother Secretary will hopefully have some available for the Lodge members soon.  Alex was lucky enough to get two in his travels so, Alex and I each have one right now.  Ask us and we will let you see one. They feel to be made of a light metal and on one side the Masonic emblem with 1717 - 2017 which is meant to celebrate 300 Years of Masonry in the Grand Lodge of England and on the other side a multi-coloured Maple Leaf which designates 150 years of Masonry in Canada.   When Brother Secretary gets our order you will be able to purchase your own for $5.


W. Bro. Mark Wilson Worshipful Master.