Master's Messages February 2016

On behalf of the Members and Officers of Caledonia Lodge I would like to wish you a Happy and Health New Year.

On December 21st 2015 Caledonia Lodge held our annual Family Christmas Night; our Ladies participated in a Table Decoration competition while the Lodge was sitting.  After a delightful Banquet hour, the various center pieces were judged and best designed pieces were awarded prizes.  Everyone was a winner as the center pieces were then given to the ladies to take home.  I am also very pleased to report that, in keeping with a long standing Caledonia tradition; many toys were donated and placed under the Christmas tree. They were then delivery to the Star Toy Drive for distribution to needy children.

At our Regular Meeting on January 18th 2016 we conducted the business of the lodge.  We also had the pleasure of having W. Bro. Bob Steenson present some education about the book of Ruth, which is of particular interest to the Entered Apprentice Mason.  Thank you very much W. Bro. Steenson.  I'm sure Bro. Joshua DaSilva and the rest of the Brethren present appreciated the edification.

I look forward to greeting you and our guest at our Heritage Night February 16th, see the details in the events section of the website.

I have one final thought for your consideration. In the last few years Caledonia Lodge has revitalised itself and created a revisedVision Statement which reads:

Caledonia Lodge will always strive to be known for its
exceptional Masonic Ritual, Charity, Friendship and Brotherly
Love, dedicated to the Tenets and Principles of Freemasonry
and being financially sustaining in everything it does.

I'm sure that every Mason's goal is to travel on the same path that our vision describes.


W.Bro. Mark Wilson, Worshipful Master.