Master's Messages September & October 2018

Well hello again.  It has been a busy summer and I have not had much time to update our site.  Elections were completed at our September meeting and later today we'll be having our Installation and Investiture of the new officers for 2017/2018 year.  At this time I want to share that I am considering removing my Masters messages from the site.  It has been difficult to prepare something every month and keep it fresh.

I am happy that Bro. Torey Williams has been made Master Elect and I am sure he will be impressed and please as he is installed in the Chair of Kingsolomn Monday October 16th 2017 (tonight).

All the best brothers and friends for another great year in Caledonia Lodge!!

W.Bro. Mark Wilson, Worshipful Master 2015/2017

Master's Message June 2017

It seems that time and computer problems are my enemy.   I've been struggling with my main laptop computer which I mainly use to keep this website updated.  Well it sort of died for a awhile.  When I turned it on all it would do was give me was to like the power button and give me a black screen.   Google was my friend and I found a way to bring it back to life but I still don't trust the darn think.  Computers!  they suck the life and time away from you but we can't live without them.  At any rate I am now working on a desktop computer which by the way is a much faster machine.  I may have to working at my desk more often to get this site updated.   

Back to Masonry, It was my pleasure to meet with the Master of York Lodge at our May meeting.  We conversed and a plan was made to join our two Strawberry Social events into one.  The more the merrier I'm beginning to say.  

To make the evening additionally interesting one of the York brothers that left their nest and moved to Guernsey will be attending the social event.  He will be accompanied by a group of brothers and a few wives and will be visiting York Lodge on June 19th to add to the merriment.  For those who are wondering Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands in the English Channel near the French coast, and is a self-governing British Crown dependency.

I'm very much looking forward to this event and have hopes that we can continue this shared evening next year.


W. Bro. Mark Wilson

Worshipful Master Caledonia Lodge (2016-2017)

Master's Messages March and April 2017


I've found and I'm sure you all have that time is not on our side.  I missed my March message and now it's already the middle of April and we have our Official visit tonight.  I need to post something here but I do not know exactly what to share.   I do know that if you have a true interest in developing yourself in a positive way than Masonry can certainly provide the vehicle for your ride.

All the best,

Mark Wilson

W.M. Caledonia Lodge 2016-2017

Master's Messages February 2017

Scots Night event is tomorrow.   The plans have been made and the entertainment arranged.  New pictures will be posted after the event.

The 300 year celebration coins have arrived.   There are a limited number at $5 each.  Contact the secretary if you would like one.  We will have them at the event tomorrow.  


W. Bro. Mark Wilson Worshipful Master.

Master's Message January 2017

What happened?  It's already February.  I'll share one item here before I tackle my February Message.    We've (Bryan, Alex and myself) been chasing those elusive Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario coins.  Last night at Alpha-Tuscan Official visit I saw that the D.D.G.M. received a second batch of coins.  Brother Secretary will hopefully have some available for the Lodge members soon.  Alex was lucky enough to get two in his travels so, Alex and I each have one right now.  Ask us and we will let you see one. They feel to be made of a light metal and on one side the Masonic emblem with 1717 - 2017 which is meant to celebrate 300 Years of Masonry in the Grand Lodge of England and on the other side a multi-coloured Maple Leaf which designates 150 years of Masonry in Canada.   When Brother Secretary gets our order you will be able to purchase your own for $5.


W. Bro. Mark Wilson Worshipful Master.

Master's Message December 2016

With December comes thoughts of family, friends and also Caledonia Lodge's Christmas Social.  At this time of the year we think of family but our members also thing of giving.  At our December meeting it is our usual custom to hold lodge and then retire to the Banquet hall for a Christmas Social.  Along with this interaction among brothers and their significant others we bring a Christmas gift that is donated to a child in need.   At this time of year it is especially important to think about what your circumstances in life permit you to do every day.  Anything that you may feel disposed to give to support your fellow human (man, woman or child) is always appreciated and gratefully applied.  

I would also like to mention a charity that may also be dear to your heart.  The Masonic Foundation of Ontario is running a 50th Anniversary Project which is titled "Prostate Hope".  It is an aggressive project with a goal of raising a Million Dollars.  The program completes in 2017 and requires every Mason in Ontario's help to reach that goal.  If everyone gave $20.00 we'd meet that goal.  You should also consider different ways of giving,  your company may have a charitable giving program in which they match your donation.   You should be able to find "The Masonic Foundation of Ontario" on the list, I found it and that will double my donation.  

Check out the Grand Lodge website for details of this fine program.   I will leave you with this quote from the donation pamphlet.

"Because he did the Good Act, Not for Himself, but for the Cause of Good"


W. Bro. Mark Wilson Worshipful Master.

Master's Message November 2016

It is now late or early depending when you go to work but our combine Reception for V.W. Bro. Alex E. Wilson Grand Senior Deacon and the Investiture of the Officers for the coming Masonic year was a wonderful evening.  Friends and Family attended and Caledonia Lodge was well supported by the Members of Toronto East District.  An enjoy able evening was had by all.  My great appreciation goes out to all those who participated. I could list them here but that might be in appropriate.

Plans are well underway for our November Remembrance Observance.  The event calendar will be further updated as information becomes available.


W. Bro. Mark Wilson Worshipful Master.

Master's Message April 2016

At our March 21st 2016 we made some adjustments and thanks to R.W. Bro. Harold Clarke we had the chance to challenge our brains with a Masonic Quiz.

This is one of the questions that will likely challenge you to perform additional research.

10.  Who are the Patron Saints of Freemasonry

        a. The Saints John and Mark

        b. The Saints Paul and Simon

        c. The Saints Mark and Simon

        d. The Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist

The correct answer is D.  

Monday April 18th will be the Official Visit of R.W. Bro. Dean M. Bergerson.   I am looking forward to receivingthe brethren of the district into Caledonia Lodge on this occasion.  


Mark Wilson Worshipful Master.

Master's Message March 2016

On February 16th 2016 Caledonia Lodge held a Heritage night celebrating our Scottish and Irish history it was a great success.    You can see some of the event pictures posted to the gallery

We had a Canadian Champion Irish Step Dancer Camille Slaght who had no problem showing us what great skill and energy it takes to step it out.  The Musical entertainment by Mr. Patrick Ourceau and Ms. Debbie Quigle was very entertaining.   It was a pleasure to hear the fiddle and Irish bag pipes as Camille demonstrated her superior dancing abilities for all to enjoy.  I also like to let you know that R.W.Bro. Andrew McLelland accompanied by Piper  R. W. Bro. Bruce Palanik provided a very entertaining address to the Haggis and Bro. Michael Willett and Bro. George O'keefe did a great job carrying the beast during the promenade.   Not to mention the four of them seemed to enjoy the glass of single malt scotch.   I believe we all learned a great deal about the Scottish Bag Pipes during R. W. Bro. Bruce Palanik's presentation. 

We also had the pleasure of entertaining several of our ladies including Karen Jones and Hazel Watson.   I hope that more of our ladies will be joining us at the strawberry night in June.

The coming months hold a busy time for Caledonia Lodge.  We can get back to the normal business of running the Lodge. 

At this time I wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day.


Mark Wilson Worshipful Master.

Master's Messages February 2016

On behalf of the Members and Officers of Caledonia Lodge I would like to wish you a Happy and Health New Year.

On December 21st 2015 Caledonia Lodge held our annual Family Christmas Night; our Ladies participated in a Table Decoration competition while the Lodge was sitting.  After a delightful Banquet hour, the various center pieces were judged and best designed pieces were awarded prizes.  Everyone was a winner as the center pieces were then given to the ladies to take home.  I am also very pleased to report that, in keeping with a long standing Caledonia tradition; many toys were donated and placed under the Christmas tree. They were then delivery to the Star Toy Drive for distribution to needy children.

At our Regular Meeting on January 18th 2016 we conducted the business of the lodge.  We also had the pleasure of having W. Bro. Bob Steenson present some education about the book of Ruth, which is of particular interest to the Entered Apprentice Mason.  Thank you very much W. Bro. Steenson.  I'm sure Bro. Joshua DaSilva and the rest of the Brethren present appreciated the edification.

I look forward to greeting you and our guest at our Heritage Night February 16th, see the details in the events section of the website.

I have one final thought for your consideration. In the last few years Caledonia Lodge has revitalised itself and created a revisedVision Statement which reads:

Caledonia Lodge will always strive to be known for its
exceptional Masonic Ritual, Charity, Friendship and Brotherly
Love, dedicated to the Tenets and Principles of Freemasonry
and being financially sustaining in everything it does.

I'm sure that every Mason's goal is to travel on the same path that our vision describes.


W.Bro. Mark Wilson, Worshipful Master.

Master's Message September 2015


We ended just before the summer break with a well-attended and great Heritage Night. All enjoyed the Pipe Band, Address to the Haggis by W. Bro. Frank McKay and the talk on Rosslyn Chapel by R.W. Bro. David J Neave plus Ashley Tidy playing the piano. Thanks to R. W.  Bro Bruce N Palanik for piping in the visitors and the Head Table. It was a wonderful night and will be well remembered by those who came out to enjoy another great Caledonia event.

 Once again it was good to have many Brethren join us for the Caledonia dinner at the Irish Embassy pub before visiting the Grand Lodge functions at the Royal York.

The lodge was well represented at the district meeting on the Wednesday at Grand Lodge where R. W. Bro. Dean M. Bergerson was elected our DDGM for the year 2015-2016   who then announced   W. Bro, Greg J King, past master of Canada Lodge, as the District Secretary.

M.W. Bro. John C. Green began his new office as our Grand Master and one of his early duties was announcing those Brethren to be appointed to a Grand Lodge office. All of us at Caledonia Lodge should be very proud and pleased that Very Worshipful Bro. Bryan Pyper has been appointed a Grand Steward.

We are planning a reception and presentation for Bryan and his family on Saturday September 19th to celebrate his appointment. Be sure to highlight this date in your calendar, so you can join the brethren in recognizing our newest Grand Lodge officer. I look forward to welcoming you, your ladies and guests to what promises to be a wonderful event.


W. Bro. Alex Wilson, Worshipful Master

Master's Message June 2015

Brethren,  May 11 2015 was a special night when Bro. Nathon Kozuska was raised to the sublime degree of a Master Mason,  conducted by the Police Degree Team, led by R.W. Bro. Barry Gyton.

Also that evening M. W. Bro. Donald A. Campbell the Grand Master unexpectedly requested entrance to the meeting.  He made a tremendous impression on the members present.  On leaving he signed Bro. Nathon Kozuska Masonic Bible.

It was a pleasure to have Bro. George Dennison back from Scotland and bring his friend Bro. Peter McKenzie to the meeting.

On Saturday May 23rd W. Bro. Bob Steenson and myself assisted in the Masonic Chip Program.

On Saturday May 9th a few members visited Frederick Lodge in Delhi on their Official Visit, reciprocating W. Bro. Chris Smith visit to our lodge.

Our next meeting will recognize Caledonia’s Heritage.  Please invite your wife, and non-masonic guests for this special evening.  This being the last summons untill September,  I would like to convey my best wishes to you and your family to have a safe and enjoyable summer break.



W. Bro. Alex Wilson, Worshipful Master

Master's Message May 2015

Brethren,  Official Visit, what a night. Thank you to all who made it for the 6pm opening as well as the members that did work in the 2nd degree exemplification.  What a surprise to have so many brethren make it to the meal at 6:30 and to Bryan the caterer for accommodating us all with short notice.  It was a pleasure to have the lodge room filled with the musical accompaniment for the 2nd degree.  It was enjoyed by all.  The Beaches Lodge was our official visitors.  They came out in numbers and won the Travelling Gavel.  By the way, we won the Travelling Gavel at Mimosa Lodge’s Official Visit.  I will be attending the Toronto-York Master dinner on April 29th 2015 representing Caledonia Lodge. We will not be meeting on the 3rd Monday as it is Victoria Day, but will be on the week prior May 11th. Join us for fraternal communications and the degree.


W. Bro. Alex Wilson, Worshipful Master

Master's Message April 2015

Brethren,  Spring has started, bringing with it warmer weather.  I hope you all enjoy the Easter weekend with family.  Ashley Tidy presented the musical accompaniment used in the second degree which gave us all a chance to raise our voices in support of his endeavour.  After lodge closed, Bill Willis provided us guidance on running a successful Friend to Friend program.  Several members joined me at The Beaches Official Visit.  We did not win the travelling gavel, but we were recognized for our support in the district.  March ended with the Grand Master's Reception for M.W. Bro. Donald A Campbell, the meal was delicious; entertainment appreciated and the event was well attended.  I wish to add my congratulation to Michael Willett on taking 2nd place at the District Chili contest.  Cheri & I joined Bob and Amanda at the West Hill Oldies Dance.


The next few meetings will be busy leading to Our Heritage Night in June.  We will be having a pipe band, the address to the haggis and a speaker on Roslyn Chapel.  This fall mark's the lodge moving into our 90th year, only a short 10 years to our 100th anniversary celebrations.



W. Bro. Alex Wilson, Worshipful Master

Master's Message March 2015


Winter is upon us. The cold weather and snow reminds us of the four seasons.  Remember to drive safely or like the Junior Warden, take the subway.  Thank you to the brethren that had their work ready for the first degree last meeting.  On Saturday February 14th the Junior Warden and I attended East Toronto Temple for mechanics of the work.  February 17th the past masters met and had a very fruitful meeting.   Many good ideas were presented and discussed to strengthen our lodge. 

On February 24th  the Junior Wardens of the district are invited to join a meeting with the Senior Wardens to set up their Senior Warden group for 2015-2016.

Please read the summons insert offering sentiments from an active past master.  Remember, what you gain out of Masonry is based on what you contribute as well.  We've miss the brethren who have not been able to attend lodge in recent months, please join us at our March meeting so that we can find out what's keeping you busy.


W.Bro. Alex Wilson, Worshipful Master

Master's Message February 2015


Following the regular business meeting W.Bro. Mark Wilson updated us on the new website.  He also gave a small demonstration on how to use it.  Regrets were received from a few members due to work commitments. Thank you to those members who stepped in to the chairs that evening.  Unfortunately the candidate could not make it out to the January meeting due to family responsibilities.  I look forward to him attending the February 9th. Meeting.  I appreciated R.W. Bro. Burns Anderson for his speech after the delicious meal catered by York Masonic Events Center.  On a sad note we lost a milestone of the lodge on Sunday, January 18, 2015 as V.W. Bro. Harvey Willis passed on. Harvey had celebrated his 94th. Birthday on January 17.  He was a very active Past Master attending lodge regularly.  We took a moment of silence in his remembrance in the lodge meeting.  On Saturday, January 24th. many friends & masonic members joined Harvey’s wife (Margaret) & family in a celebration of Harvey’s life, at St. Augustine of Canterbury Anglican Church, Bayview Avenue, Toronto. I will be contacting brethren to assist in some sections of the next degree. I plan to attend the 7 Official Visits and 1 installation in the district. Please join me in spreading Masonic fellowship from Caledonia Lodge.  As always I wish you good health, happiness and wait to greet you at our next meeting for fellowship.


W.Bro. Alex Wilson, Worshipful Master

Master's Message January 2015


Welcome, I wish you all a prosperous and fruitful New Year.  It was a pleasure to see you and have the women join us for the December meeting.  Also issue a thank you to W. Bro Ashley Tidy for his musical assistance that evening.  We also had Bro. Adrian Adapoe visit us from St Albans Lodge #106 Montreal and W. Bro. Garry Villiers Master of West Hill Lodge.  Regretfully I am advising that Bro. Patrick Omeara is moving back to Albert to work, we wish him well in his new job there.   January will be a quiet month for the district with only the Mechanics of the work sessions Jan 24th and January 31st.  To all I extend a safe and enjoyable January and look forward to seeing you January 19th meeting.

Sincerely and Fraternally,   

W. Bro. Alex Wilson, Worshipful Master


Master's Message

Where did the summer go? Doesn't see all that long ago when we enjoyed another great Strawberry Night at York Temple in the company of our ladies and special guests.  I do hope however, that each and every one of you had a wonderful summer and shared that time with those you love and cherish.

We should all extend heartiest congratulations to R.W.Bro. Peter Sialtsis as our new DDGM for Toronto East District and look forward to visiting with him on his travels throughout his tenure.

I am pleased to advise that our inaugural Grand Lodge dinner at the Irish Embassy proved to be a great idea, and one that I look forward to be an annual event.  Having social events such as this proves that we have a strong basis upon which to rebuild our Lodge's presence.

To reinforce the image of our unity, as a group we entered the Royal York wearing our Caledonia Lodge shirts.  I can tell you, it made me feel proud to march into that assembly in the company of those Bretheren; we did look sharp in those shirts.

I look forward to welcoming you into Lodge on September 15 when we elect next year's Officers.

Our emergent meeting on October 6 will be a step-up night for those new Officers, as well as seeing Bros. Nathon Kozuska and Patrick O'Meara move ahead as F.C.s so be sure to be in attendance to support these Bretheren.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

W.Bro. Ian Kennedy, Worshipful Master